Education Solutions

1. Satellite Internet for primary and back-up connectivity

2. Digital Signage for schools

Satellite Broadband for Schools

Available nationwide, HughesNet® Gen5 Internet Access Solutions are designed to support the critical broadband needs of schools. Satellite broadband provides primary connectivity to schools in underserved areas as well as back up connectivity to ensure critical online testing and other applications are never interrupted by primary network outages. Offering broadband tier speeds and a wide range of affordable data plans, Gen5 delivers high-speed connectivity from coast to coast.

Special Discounts for Schools through the E-Rate Program

Hughes is an authorized provider of high-speed broadband access to schools, libraries, and rural health care providers under the E-Rate program. The program is administered by the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal providers in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

To participate in this program, your organization must apply directly to USAC ( Be sure to note Hughes’ SPIN number (143-005-653) during the application process. The discount for eligible organizations depends on the level set by the USAC and the urban/rural status of the population served. The discount ranges from 20% to 90% of the costs of eligible services. The following services are eligible for a discount: onetime installation charges, equipment, and monthly recurring charges*. The discount percentage is determined by the USAC. Upon acceptance, USAC issues a Funding Commitment Letter (FCL) to the eligible organization to confirm the discount. Once you have your organization’s FCL and tax exempt certificate (if applicable), call Hughes at 1-800-416-8679 to get connected. You will need to provide both the FCL and tax exempt certificate along with form of payment when ordering.

HughesNet Gen5 Key Advantages:

  • Nationwide service

  • Performance-enhancing innovation for high speed downloading, browsing and data usage management

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps* – so you can do more, faster

  • Secure, reliable connections – for one or many locations

  • Enterprise-grade support and rapid activation with 24/7 technical assistance

  • Data plans to support bandwidth-hungry apps

  • Easy-to-use tools like Status Meter and Download Manager

  • Competitive pricing and flexible billing plans

  • E-rate eligible

*Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

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Digital Signage for Schools

Schools need a rapid and reliable delivery method to communicate the enormous volume of constantly changing information on today’s campuses. That’s why they’re turning to HughesON™ Digital Solutions for the most cost-effective, high-impact communications possible.

Combining dynamic video, text, and graphics on a network of digital signs, HughesON MediaSignage™ delivers custom multi-media information and emergency announcements to students, faculty, staff, and guests—all at the same time or to any number of locations. With HughesON, educational facilities can be confident they are sending the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Student Communications

Make announcements, provide instructions and alerts, and communicate important reminders to students in classrooms, dorms, food courts, book stores, lobbies, libraries and other areas throughout campuses. Athletic departments, for example, can use Hughes Digital Signage to communicate training schedules, display film on upcoming opponents, and recognize players for outstanding performances on and off the field or court.

Faculty and Staff Communications and Training

Hughes MediaSignage provides a “digital message board” to easily keep faculty and staff informed with the latest content in their respective areas. With our Learning Management System, employee training capabilities include video-on-demand, interactive classroom, and a Web-hosted learning portal to track results.

Emergency Communications

Broadcast emergency messages to students, faculty, and staff. With access from any connected device, network administrators can instantly disseminate critical information and emergency notifications even if they’re not at their desk.

Digital Media Applications for K-12

  • Digital Concierge – Student/visitor center information kiosks

  • Digital Associate –Interactive kiosks in bookstores and student unions

  • Digital Bulletin Board – Announcements and updates targeted to students, athletes, faculty, and/or staff

  • Digital Briefing Board – Information for safety enforcement or first responders

  • Breakroom TV – Communications with integrated live TV feeds in food courts and lobbies and teacher lounges

  • MediaTraining® – User-centric video-based training

  • VirtualClassroom™ – Interactive video—live or on demand

  • Learning Portal – Web-hosted learning system

  • School TV - Pre-packaged, turnkey solution for k-12 schools