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Delivering commercial innovation for civilian and military network solutions

  • Disaster & Emergency Communications

    When disaster strikes, government and military personnel must be connected for rescue and recovery, supply management, medical triage and more. During hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, civil unrest, or even a local outbreak or global pandemic, communications lines are lifelines. Satellite communications take center stage, especially when terrestrial connections are damaged, and resilient networks that make use of multi-path transports can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Defense Network Management

    Defense network management has taken on a new urgency in the increasingly digital battlefield. As a result of decades of proprietary commercial SATCOM equipment in use across the U.S. DoD, stove-piped systems hinder network interoperability and resiliency. Hughes innovates advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based management technology to enable network resilience, integration, and optimization. We deliver battlefield solutions wherever the need arises...

  • HughesON Government Solutions

    A leading managed services provider with more half a million sites under management globally, Hughes brings proven network solutions to state and federal government agencies. As a partner of choice to EIS prime contractors or a direct vendor to state and local IT teams, Hughes helps pave the way for cloud and rich-media applications across hybrid terrestrial-satellite, distributed government networks with high performance, non-stop application availability, and industry-leading security.

  • Global Satellite Broadband

    Wherever the mission takes you, count on Hughes to keep you connected. With the largest high-throughput Ka-band satellite network across the Americas and satellite, wireline and wireless partners across the globe, Hughes connects government workers and servicemembers at home and abroad, supporting civilian and military missions, disaster response and recovery, and morale, welfare and recreation.

  • Tactical Communications

    Hughes delivers flexible, secure and resilient communications to support the warfighter in the most remote and hard-to-connect places around the world. Quickly deployable and portable satellite solutions include manpack and flyaway terminals to connect squads to command, and cellular bubbles to connect entire field hospitals or pop-up bases for short or long-term deployments.

  • Military ISR & Mobility

    Whether connecting a single helicopter, a squad of UAVs or a fleet of aircraft, Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) must be reliable and resilient with low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). Partnering with defense contractors and directly with the DoD, Hughes continues to innovate the Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) technologies and solutions the military needs for situational awareness and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.


Global Satellite Solutions



Hughes Mission Connect

Tailored to meet mission needs, Hughes Mission Connect is a custom satellite Internet solution with options of multiple broadband speed tiers, shared data pools, and flexible billing schedules. Service is available anywhere around the globe and is easy-to-procure using the SEWP and other contracts.




HughesNet for Government

For state and local government facilities, and police, fire and rescue stations, staying connected is nothing short of essential. At locations beyond the reach of cable and fiber, or grappling with slow DSL speeds, HughesNet® delivers reliable, secure satellite broadband – and instant access to the information and applications necessary to serve local communities.

With Hughes HeloSat™, Beyond Line of Sight ISR is always in reach.


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