Park Services

Along with breathtaking scenery and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, America’s parks also pose major communications challenges. That’s why Federal, state, and local parks are turning to Hughes for high-quality satellite broaddband for always-on connectivity. Available nationwide, HughesNet Gen5 service can reach even the most remote park stations.

Used either as a primary network or as a backup to complement landline networks, Hughes advanced broadband solutions deliver Internet access for daily tasks such as email, Web browsing, file downloads, and streaming video. Parks also rely on Hughes connectivity solutions to handle online reservation systems for campsites and special activities, as well as point of sale transactions, hunting and fishing license sales, and boat and equipment rentals.

HughesNet Gen5 Key Advantages:

  • Nationwide service

  • Performance-enhancing innovation for high speed downloading, browsing and data usage management

  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps* – so you can do more, faster

  • Secure, reliable connections – for one or many locations

  • Enterprise-grade support and rapid activation with 24/7 technical assistance

  • Data plans to support bandwidth-hungry apps

  • Easy-to-use tools like Status Meter and Download Manager

  • Competitive pricing and flexible billing plans

*Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

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