Tactical Communications and ISR Network Solutions


 Military enterprise networks are evolving. Hughes is at the forefront of advancing satellite and network technology to create new and improved communications capabilities. Warfighters need reliable connectivity to ensure access to the latest information and situational awareness. Whether connecting a single soldier or a fleet of aircraft, Hughes has the proven experience, integrity and innovations to deliver solutions tailored to meet the most demanding mission requirements.


Aeronautical and Communications on the Move


Deployable Wi-Fi and Cellular/LTE


Hughes satellite-powered Wi-Fi On-Demand capability can be added to any of the terminals listed below to create a turnkey tactical network solution designed to support requirements for broadband systems that must operate independently without reliance on local infrastructure.

With ruggedized system hardware suitable for nearly any environment and a 200+ meter coverage radius, Hughes has transformed its low-cost commercial solution to support the rigorous demands of global military operations. Cellular LTE may also be added for a 1 mile+ coverage radius.

Flyaway & ManPack Terminals

Wherever the mission takes you, Hughes has a solution to keep service members connected. Our durable flyaway and manpack terminals make communications possible anywhere you can see the sky on an ad hoc or longer term basis, depending on the mission needs. Lightweight and transportable, these terminals can be carried or trucked, then set up in a matter of minutes for near-instant connectivity.