Network Management Solutions

Military satellite communications (SATCOM) capabilities are evolving

The days of the military using various independent, single-threaded military and commercial satellite networks are now phasing into the era of interoperable enterprise defense networks. In the event of a conflict, communications networks must be resilient and overcome disruptions, whether the cause was environmental or intent. Hughes deploys automated, real-time network management solutions to protect your network infrastructure from disruptions.

SATCOM Enterprise Management and Control

Enabling interoperability with the Hughes Terminal Management Agent (TMA)

The Hughes TMA solution enhances interoperability between networks by leveraging standardized interfaces and a multi-modem adaptor to give satellite terminals the ability to roam across various satellite networks. The software component leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to control terminals in the event of a signal disruption and reconnect using a different satellite.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Hughes is leveraging advanced AI and ML capabilities to redefine military SATCOM by introducing new functionality to help terminals make educated decisions based on what’s happening around it. By leveraging a mission management system in the network operations center, the DoD could implement new features that enable exponentially higher resiliency through the availability of multiple network paths throughout the architecture.

Resilient Networking from Hughes

Faster connectivity, greater reliability and enhanced interoperability across military and commercial SATCOM networks.

Protected Communications

Waveform enhancements are now enabling terminals to overcome different types of jamming attempts from sophisticated adversaries. Using sophisticated software technology, advanced waveforms can be deployed with characteristics of Low Probability of Interception and Low Probability of Detection (LPI/LPD). The ability to transmit and receive data without leaving a signature for spectral analyzers enables end-users to operate clandestinely when in potentially contested environments.

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