Hughes Helosat: Let Nothing Block Your Mission

Hughes Demonstrates Live, High Definition Video Transmission over Satellite from an In-Flight Black Hawk Helicopter

Hughes HeloSat transmits from the moving Black Hawk, through the rotary blades, delivering live-stream satellite connectivity ideal for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

Why HeloSat for Your Mission?
More Bandwidth
Stream HD video with zero packet loss
Cost Effective
No data caps and a lower cost per bit
Legacy Interoperable
HeloSat is built on open architecture
Tested and Proven
HeloSat works on multiple rotary aircraft

HeloSat ViaSatellite Webinar

Webinar Replay: Now Within Reach: Reliable, Multi-megabit Beyond Line of Sight SATCOM for Helicopters

Originally Presented with Via Satellite, September 3, 2020

On a beautiful summer day in the Tennessee countryside, a foreboding Black Hawk helicopter lifted off from a regional airfield to surveil the local landscape. Equipped with a high-definition video camera, the Black Hawk was on a mission: to send real-time, HD video as it buzzed across the horizon. Viewers around the world witnessed the crisp, consistent video transmission – a picture-perfect example of Beyond Line of Sight Communications.

The Black Hawk was outfitted with the Hughes HeloSat™ solution.

During this webinar, Wayne Marhefka of the Hughes team and John Wellington, chief flight instructor, XP Services Inc., and former 160th Special Operations Aviation Regimen flight lead, who piloted the Black Hawk during the demonstration, present the HeloSat solution and video captured during the flights.

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