Emergency Communications

Enterprise Network Backup

Connectivity is vital to providing modern government services to citizens. Having a diverse network path to backup an office or station’s primary network connection is now more important than ever. Agency operations are often at risk to network brownouts, outages, and disruptions, which can bring productivity to a halt. However, with a path-diverse network connecting each location, agencies can ensure critical applications can remain up and online if the primary network connection fails.

HughesNet Internet Continuity Plans

An affordable connectivity backup service that seamlessly delivers broadband Internet when your primary service fails, making costly outages a thing of the past. With satellite Internet, your network stands above the risks faced on the ground, ensuring that your Internet stays up, no matter what goes down.

image of town after storm damage

Disaster Response Communications

When disasters strike, the ability to communicate over distances can’t be taken for granted. Hughes has long been a technology and services provider to military and first response organizations, equipping them with reliable communications solutions that enable mission success.

Case Study: Hurricane Maria

See how Hughes was able to support the response and recovery efforts in
Puerto Rico and USVI following Hurricane Maria in 2017.