HM200 COTM Modem

The Hughes HM SATCOM System is an integrated defense-class solution providing a constant and reliable feed of critical real-time information to support any mission. The innovative Hughes HM200 modem can be paired with any size of qualified antenna to connect the vehicle platform to the satellite and then to one or more ground stations, anywhere in the world.

Designed with an open architecture, this modem is a Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution that can be readily installed into a wide range of platforms. Based on a unique Software Defined Modem (SDM) employing the specialized Hughes Scrambled Multiple Access (SCMA)* waveform, it delivers a superior level of mobile video, voice, and data capabilities. The HM200 enclosure is designed for long term flexibility and compatibility, with a wide variety of data interfaces. Packed in a Short Form Factor rugged IP67 sealed enclosure, the ruggedized modem can operate in even the harshest environmental conditions.


  • High data throughput for BLOS applications
  • Scrambled Code Multiple Access (SCMA) waveform
  • Transmit/receive through rotary blades
  • Transmit/receive on fixed wing platforms
  • Flight dynamics flexibility at high velocity and high acceleration
  • Very short acquisition and reacquisition time
  • Open architecture for use with any airborne antenna
  • Low power consumption
  • Frequency reuse


  • Short Form Factor rugged IP67 enclosure
  • Completely sealed, fanless design
  • Mil-Spec-Compliant (vibration, temperature, EMI/RFI)
  • Interoperable with SCMA or any Software-Defined Waveform
  • Integrated Internal DC/DC power supply
  • Intel Core i7 processor via COM Express Type 6
  • GUI for Management and Control
  • Wide Variety of Data Interfaces

About Hughes Microsat SCMA Waveform: The advanced Hughes SCMA Waveform (AMW) was developed expressly to provide robust, efficient, and secure BLOS connectivity over satellites for Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and UAS platforms. The waveform optionally includes Upper-Layer Protocol Enhancements (ULPEs) for highspeed transmission with zero packet loss through rotating blades. Additionally, there is an outer code that offers protection against interferences. The low-rate inner code of AMW allows multiple users to efficiently share the same bandwidth by using specific scramblers per user. Other advantages include a strong capability to maintain carrier lock and frame synchronization with a broad range of code rates for capacity adaptation. AMW technology is especially well suited for operating over satellites employing extremely small antennas (microterminals), with potential applications, such as tactical communications on-the-move, asset tracking, sensor networking, and smart grid.