Our Vision

The digitization of healthcare has added new dimensions to the healthcare system that have brought data and continuous access to it into sharp focus. The full potential of the cloud is just starting to be leveraged by healthcare delivery organizations and adoptions of paradigm changing technologies like telehealth are accelerating.

As healthcare delivery supplants patient movement with that of their data, the right communications infrastructure becomes critical. Quality of a telehealth session is significantly improved with high quality video, audio and data connections between the care provider and the patient. Quality of care is enhanced and the cause of broader adoption strengthened. Uneven and poor quality broadband access, particularly in suburban and rural areas – areas where telehealth can deliver the maximum benefits, is a challenge in realizing the full potential of telehealth.

Hughes has been at the forefront of connecting the unconnected. We were selected for the New England Telehealth Consortium to bring broadband to their mobile health clinics in 2013 thanks to our ubiquitous coverage and mobility features.

Challenges to Connected Care and the Hughes Response  

Wide range of patient broadband access & patient site video quality assurance

  • Our solution can bridge coverage gaps and homogenize high-quality tele-health experience across various customer/patient broadband types and sizes

  • Centralized site management allows us to quickly diagnose issues and respond fast while giving operational transparency to customers across their networks

  • With the option of deploying multi-broadband solutions (wired/wireless/satellite) we can achieve a higher order of availability and reliability.

Complex application mix support with simultaneous video quality assurance

  • We can prioritize crucial tele-health applications and EMR data exchanges over other claims on bandwidth (Rural Hospitals and smaller clinics)

Security at Healthcare Delivery Office (HDO) and at Home

  • Embedded security in our solution combined with a long history of supporting security-demanding verticals like retail, banking and government puts us at the leading edge of network security management.