Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies must communicate and manage key information across a wide range of audiences. HughesON™ Digital Media Solutions is a powerful suite of digital signage products and services designed to provide high impact, digital messaging with the option of embedding that custom information alongside live broadcast TV.

Messages can be programmed across all offices, stations and remote sites, or by individual location. Mix and match videos, images, web pages, apps and social media feeds for a fully customized experience.


• Pair custom relevant local information alongside live TV
• Video on-demand for training videos, legislative updates or other updates
• Real-time alert notifications

Digital Briefing Board

• Distribute up-to-the-minute command updates to all or specific locations
• Display department news, announcements, and event information
• Real-time alert notifications


• Deliver high-impact training modules and videos
• Archive system for on-demand training
• Enable mobile staff to access online training
whenever convenient
• All forms of multimedia can be used:
images, slide shows, and videos

Inmate Communications

• Provide announcements, instructions, education, and entertainment
• Training for educational, vocational, and life-skill programs
• Display information in multiple languages
• Emergency notification system with instructions and directives
• Roll calls and inmate queuing

Visitor Communications

• Check-in instructions for lobbies and waiting areas
• Mug shot displays for wanted criminals
• Hotline phone number displays and reward information
• Missing persons alerts
• New/updated law information
• Public-service campaign announcements
• Inmate visitor notifications