Global Satellite Connectivity

Available nationwide, Hughes high-speed satellite broadband communications reach even the most remote locations and are ideal for emergency preparedness and response.

As the only broadband connectivity option available virtually everywhere across the U.S., satellite technology today is a key, integrated component of the country’s telecom infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of government and enterprise sites are connected by satellite networks, as well as over one million residential subscribers on HughesNet alone. It is transforming how we work and live. Yet there is still a large volume of offices and government sites that are either unserved or underserved by terrestrial broadband technologies – leaving them at a complete disadvantage when it comes to connectivity, commerce, and community.

In times of disaster, satellite takes on an even more critical role. It presents the only true alternate communications path when terrestrial wireline and wireless networks are most vulnerable to disruption and outages. With Hughes, satellite terminals can be deployed immediately after disaster strikes to provide connectivity in support of life-saving emergency response and recovery activities. It’s why government agencies of all sizes are turning to Hughes for advanced satellite-based communications solutions for network back up and disaster response and coordination.