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Hughes SatCell Connect at Work

Procuring Hughes SatCell Connect is Easy


Hughes with our partner Carahsoft Technology has made procuring Hughes SatCell Connect easy and fast. The kit and associated services are ready-to-quote and order with catalog part numbers on the government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) NASA SEWP V. Other contract paths are available, but most customers find this the fastest and easiest.


Contract Information

  • SEWP Website:
  • Never used SEWP? No Problem. It takes about 15 minutes for a new government (Federal or State) customer to register on SEWP and immediately begin formally requesting quotes.

Typical Timelines

  • RFQ - 24 to 48 hour turnaround
  • Purchase Request to Executed Contract: 3 to 5 business days

SEWP V at a Glance

  • Low Fees (.39) percent
  • SEWPV assists acquisition shops to comply with FAR rules
  • Availability, Speed, Customer Service, Tracking, and Communication
  • Ability to bundle and add new products as well as professional services within 48 hours
  • Quick Procurement Process
  • Quick/Continuous product and pricing updates for all products lines

Hughes SatCell Connect Compact Flyaway Kits

The two primary components of the SatCell Flyaway Kit are the 4G/LTE/Pre-5G Cellular Pack and Portable Satellite Antenna.

- Smallest, full featured commercial grade cellular network with integrated router, firewall, apps server,
- Satellite Antenna with integrated Modem Included
- Total kit weighing less than 15lbs
- Seamlessly interoperable with most consumer cellular enabled devices.
- Pre-loaded with DISA approved secure voice Sigma client
- Out-of-the-box supports Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), Apple Team Awareness Kit (iTAK) Air Ground Information Systems (AGIS) services
- Open standards based
- Extends comms capabilities across the multi-domain operations landscape.
- Out-of-the-box compatible with tactical mesh and line of sight radio nodes
- Compatible with beyond line of sight (BLoS) airborne, maritime, and ground systems
Mature and Modular
- Rolling feature additions and capability enhancements
- Capable of supporting future artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) applications
- As commercial cellular standards upgrade (i.e. 5G), so does the SatCell Kit

Hughes Cellular On-Demand Solutions to Connect the Disconnected

Hughes Cellular On-Demand, SatCell Connect FAQs



Soheil Mehrabanzad, Sr. Director Business Development


Soheil is the primary point of contact for Hughes SatCell Connect and associated capabilities. An industry expert in ISR, SATCOM, wireless and global FMS, he manages business development and focuses on technology strategy for government and defense clients. Email Soheil.


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