Managed Satellite Networks

Backed by decades of operational experience from the world’s largest satellite networks and enterprise-grade service level agreements, Hughes network management solutions deliver top network performance, mission assurance, and enhanced resiliency.

Every segment of the end-to-end network requires consistent configuration and rapid recovery from faults to meet unique mission requirements of defense and intelligence agencies.  A unified management system for automated fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) management of satellite and terrestrial transport segments can increase efficiency and facilitate cost-effective remote operations.   A tailored network management solution based on the latest commercial technology can meet key resource planning and situational awareness mandates so that warfighters can complete their missions efficiently and successfully.

The Hughes approach for management systems is to build turnkey solutions using state-of-the-art Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) that facilitates integration of COTS software and platforms.  Hughes solutions, deriving from proven commercial heritage, are designed for addressing an organization's needs today—and with the flexibility to be expanded in future. Hughes management solutions encompass comprehensive functions for managing diverse network transport segments and can lead towards enhanced resiliency, which is critical for operating in contested environments.