Managed Network Services

With the explosive growth in cloud-based applications used across all field office locations, the networks of the distributed government enterprise are evolving. While dedicated lines, such as MPLS T-1 lines, were the network paths of the last two decades, agencies can no longer justify the high costs for too little bandwidth associated with this technology to connect dispersed locations.

HughesON™ end-to-end managed network services leverage the best of wireline, wireless and satellite broadband technologies to deliver highly reliable connectivity to all agency locations with Fortinet’s industry-leading next-generation firewall technology.

And as your needs change, a HughesON managed solution scales with you, so it can grow to support virtually any size network. With over 400 service providers in the Hughes supply chain, Hughes can help agencies consolidate network transport services into one single bill and put an end to managing various contracts and customer support channels with individual regional service providers.

Key Advantages

  • A fully managed, end-to-end integrated network solution with network portal dashboard
  • Advanced optimization software technologies to ensure enterprise-grade performance of critical applications
  • Turn-key network deployment, configuration and implementation
  • Proactive fault management of equipment and network
  • World-class 24x7 support and service