HughesON Digital Media

Your Audience, Engaged.

HughesON™ lets you unleash dynamic digital content to inform visitors, constituents, or employees and answer questions, solve key challenges, promote important initiatives, services, all without adversely impacting LAN performance. Through a network of high-definition screens, you can display video, text, graphics and live TV at any number of locations simultaneously, or tailor content by individual screen location to create a truly unique viewer experience. And you can easily change the message display by time-of-day and by audience or viewer demographics.

HughesON provides a full range of Digital Media solutions designed to engage visitors and/or employees. 

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As a government agency, you need to constantly communicate up-to-date information to your constituents and employees. A network of digital signs that display dynamic video, text, and graphics can provide the most cost-effective, high-impact communications possible. Digital signage not only engages constituents, it also keeps employees informed and engaged.

HughesON MediaSignage™ helps you convey important information that gives your audience a reason to look up from their devices. Throughout your facilities, rich-media digital signage displays relevant dynamic video, text, and graphics that engages and informs constituents and employees. With high-impact HughesON MediaSignage, you can deliver up-to-the-minute communications to any number of locations simultaneously. And the digital screens are centrally managed via an easy-to-use Web interface, enabling you to easily change messaging and program content by time of day, audience demographics, or dynamically by transaction.

We Make It Easy

Hughes takes a comprehensive approach to digital signage—from project design and consulting, to content creation and management, to best-of-breed software, hardware, and the managed network services to connect it all together. Plus, every HughesON MediaSignage solution includes installation, maintenance, and customer support


LobbyTV Digital Signage

Hughes offers the best of both worlds for your lobby and general area info-tainment. Agencies can put live TV broadcast on a digital screen that is wrapped with customizable and relevant information for guests, visitors and employees.

Imagine integrating your agency or organization’s Twitter feed, local weather and traffic, award announcements, policy updates all on a screen next to live news or sports. This solution turns heads and informs your audience with engaging information around the clock.

  • Educate your audience with important information

  • Display emergency notifications instantaneously

  • Run live TV broadcast on screen

  • Integrate social media, weather, traffic feeds on-screen

  • Answer FAQ’s in advance

Self-service Kiosks

Hughes customizable self-service kiosks are designed to put information where your customers are so they can access the information they need when they need it. Our self-service kiosks make your operations more efficient by reducing dedicated personnel hours on tasks like registration, line-queueing and record renewals.

With self-service kiosks, you can:

  • Deploy next-generation interactive HD displays in high traffic areas

  • Deliver relevant, engaging content on-demand

  • Provide one-of-a-kind education and FAQ to customers with easy-to-use interface

  • Enable customers to print information, find required forms, and place orders

Engage Your Employees

Digital Bulletin Board  

Keep employees informed with the latest announcements and important information.


Provide an enjoyable breakroom experience and improve employee retention

Training Solutions 

Leverage the power of our media-rich displays and easy-to-use platform to train your employees

Key Benefits:

  • Engage and inform your constituents with dynamic video and graphics

  • Keep employees informed and properly trained

  • Easily change messages by time of day and audience demographics

  • Alert staff and visitors of emergency situations with directives in real-time


Hughes MediaTraining is a tenth generation SaaS product with more than 450,000 users logging in and viewing content. Customers around the world are using Hughes Media Training to deliver leadership communications and training to their distributed workforce. Simply post your content to the portal and share with small groups or everyone. You have complete control over who has access and a powerful reporting engine to report results.

Hughes MediaTraining offers complete tracking and reporting features included in the service. But we also offer integration with your existing systems too. Create links to your directory of users and deliver results back to any HR or management for reporting, tracking and results analysis. Hughes MediaTraining is flexible and scalable and serves as a dynamic cloud-based communication tool for the forward-looking organization.

MediaTraining is a tenth generation SaaS product with more than 450,000 users logging in and viewing content every year. Customers around the world are using Hughes MediaTraining to deliver corporate communications and training to their distributed workforce. Join us and see how we can unleash the power of communication within your company.



  • Fast and Scalable Implementation

  • Premier Support - Access our world-class support team via telephone or email

  • Flexible Content Assignment - Choose exactly who has access to specific content, whether by user, group, or everyone

  • Leverage Video - Upload videos directly into Hughes Media Portal

  • Video Questions – With Hughes Media Portal, you can have videos pause at designated times to ask questions and ensure viewers are understanding materials

  • SCORM Content – Use any SCORM-compliant authoring tool

  • Non-SCORM Content – Use any type of file including Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and more

  • Multiple Languages – Learners can access the system in their native language

  • Student Forums – Allow students to discuss learning topics in either a moderated or non-moderated format


  • High Security – Your private-branded secure Media Portal is completely hosted and protected by Hughes

  • Entirely Web Based – No need to install extra software or plug-ins

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access – Allow users to access training 24/7 or at specific times

  • Single Sign-on – Take advantage of the optional single sign-on module for intranet integration


  • Custom Learner Dashboard – Easily communicate with learners. Display information such as a real-time twitter feed, upcoming or recently assigned training, and more

  • Custom User Permissions – Set user permissions from standard or custom roles

  • Custom URL – Set up your branded Hughes Media Portal to work as part of your own domain name so your customers and employees feel as if they are always on your Web site

  • Individual Learning Paths – Create custom learning paths for users, depending on needs

  • Customizable Interface – Dynamically change the look and feel of the portal to fit your corporate identity or Web site

  • Multiple Brands – Customize the site using multiple brands within the same system


  • Managerial Reporting – Give managers access to reporting that is restricted to managed users

  • Reporting Dashboard – Provides a high-level graphical view of how the system is being used

  • Powerful Custom Reports – Real-time reports allow you to monitor and track user progress and performance as well as completion rates

  • Detailed Student Transcripts – Provide student transcripts with comprehensive learning history

  • System Notifications – Automatically notify users when new content is available

  • Assessment Authoring – Easily create quizzes and tests for evaluation and reporting


  • Instructor-Led Tracking – Keep all learning records in one system, whether the training is on-line or live. Includes the ability to schedule classes, register users, print class rolls, and track attendance

  • Web Conference Integration – Schedule and register users for Webex or ReadyTalk sessions, all from within Hughes Media Portal. Attendance data is then automatically saved for reporting purposes

  • Certification Management – Automatically create certificates for students upon completion. Automatically manage training that must be completed annually, or at other intervals

  • Built-in Assessments – Create assessments with multiple types of questions including True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Ranking, and Matching. Advanced features include the ability to randomize and pool questions