Disaster Response Communications

Nationwide Satellite Broadband Coverage - There When You Need It Most

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Natural disasters impact the U.S. every year— from earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes to wildfires and landslides— requiring swift response by emergency response teams. Regardless of the circumstances, there is one critical imperative: access to reliable communications for sharing real-time information to coordinate decision-making among leaders of the various response teams.  And the most resilient and effective network architecture to deliver on that imperative requires satellite access technologies—supplementing terrestrial landline and cellular/wireless infrastructure, which are most vulnerable to damage when disasters strike.

Hughes offers a variety of Emergency Response communications solutions ranging from lightweight ManPack terminals to auto-deployable vehicular-mounted VSATs. Our Hughes Satellite Cellular Backhaul solution leverages our JUPITER™ System and can be rapidly deployed virtually anywhere in the world and provides the industry-leading latency and jitter specifications. It enables response teams to utilize connected handheld devices for critical sharing of real time situational awareness. Our Cellular Backhaul solution is the clear choice for interconnecting cellular base stations in rural and hard-to-reach areas, and additionally can be implemented in areas where terrestrial communications infrastructure has been compromised by severe environmental conditions.

Our nationwide satellite broadband service can be deployed in just 24 to 48 hours, so your team can respond quickly and efficiently.

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The Hughes Inter-Government Crisis Network can address a comprehensive range of emergency needs, providing highly reliable and resilient communications for decision-makers who need to work together across national, regional, and local agencies.