puerto rico hurricane devastation

When disaster strikes, staying connected matters more than ever – whether for first response, medical support, public safety, recovery efforts, essential supplies or helping citizens tell family and friends that they are okay. And when terrestrial lines and cell towers are damaged by storms, floods and fires, satellite delivers the connectivity governments and communities need to operate emergency communications systems.

Internet and two-way communications systems are vital elements of any emergency plan. Contact Hughes today to pre-order and pre-stage your emergency communications equipment so you can keep your workers, first responders, dispatch centers, and citizens connected when disaster strikes.

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Hughes Emergency Communications Solutions for Disaster Preparation & Response

hughesnet in action

HughesNet Satellite Internet

  • Quickly and easily turn on the Internet anywhere with HughesNet for Government
  • Ideal for single sites like mobile field stations, medical centers, or government offices
  • Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy for workers and citizens to get online with their devices
  • A variety of fixed and transportable antennas enable service anywhere, even where cable, fiber, and DSL lines are down
  • Available on the GSA and NASPO contracts or pay by credit card

HughesNet Internet Continuity

  • Back-up your terrestrial Internet service with HughesNet Internet Continuity
  • Ideal for Government offices that can’t afford an Internet outage
  • Keeps emergency information and alerts systems online in a disaster
  • When the primary cable, fiber or DSL service goes down, HughesNet automatically routes traffic to the satellite backup
  • When the primary service is restored, the system automatically switches back
  • Available on the GSA and NASPO contracts or pay by credit card
internet continuity
sat cell

Hughes SatCell Connect

  • Turn on instant cellular service with Hughes SatCell Connect
  • Ideal for bringing cellular connectivity to the emergency zone
  • Continues to operate two-way communications when cellular and voice systems are down
  • Turn-key, ultra-portable, commercial-grade, cellular network-in-a-box comes with 4G/LTE/Pre-5G Cellular Pack and Portable Ku-band Antenna with integrated modem
  • Register up to 10,000 cellular devices and hold 100 simultaneous streaming video calls, 400 simultaneous voice calls, or 800 simultaneous chat sessions with data rates up to 200 Mbps
  • Easy to procure on the government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) NASA SEWP V under the Hughes catalog.

Why Satellite Works in Times of Disaster

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