Cyber Security and Protected Communications

As battlefields become more digitized, state-of-the-art satellite and terrestrial broadband networks with enhanced waveforms and cyber security systems for situational awareness, remote diagnostics, and assured operations are now critical components for mission success.

In a military environment, it is essential to protect communications resources, including networks, facilities, people, technology, and processes for assuring information availability, integrity, and security.  Hughes uses government and industry standards and incorporates specific security controls in communications and operations support systems to meet information assurance and cybersecurity objectives.  Hughes enterprise-grade networking solutions can be readily integrated with existing military systems and equipment—including FIPS-compliant fixed and mobile SATCOM solutions with enhanced signaling security.

Hughes assured networking solutions include unique software and hardware components that address communications Quality of Service (QoS) and security in easy-to-deploy form factors.  These solutions can be used for cybersecurity sensor data collection for full cyber situational awareness, remote diagnostics, forensics, and security operations across the network.

With increasing threats from intentional interference, Hughes has packaged specialized satellite communications products and waveforms that can address many types of RF jamming threats.  Based on commercial technologies and operations below the noise floor, these solutions also benefit from “hiding in plain sight.” Hughes is working with state-of-the-art government hopping waveforms that provide additional resiliency against larger jammers.  Compatible with commercial Ku and Ka satellites for a commercial Anti-jam service, these solutions can also be cost-effectively deployed as a service to address increasing threats in a contested environment.

Image of secure cyber network