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UAV Platforms

Ideal for Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) connectivity requirements, our HM System enables unmanned aircraft to provide a constant and reliable feed of HD video and other critical real-time data, ensuring airborne situational awareness on missions across the globe.

In 2017, Hughes announced it was awarded a contract by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) to provide satellite communications on the “Type-Certifiable” Predator® B (TCPB) Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) system. Leveraging the innovative HM System technology, the Hughes solution will enable a significant increase in data transfer rates, employing an enhanced waveform that ensures resilient and secure communications when operating in challenging environments.

Hughes also works with outfitting the smaller Class III UAV’s with low-SWaP terminals for resilient COTM capabilities. Our technology enables the highest operational efficiency to deliver customer-specific requirements around security, SWaP and throughput.

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Rotary Wing Platforms

With new advanced satellite communications technology, more militaries and law enforcement organizations are looking to leverage helicopters for ISR missions. Hughes is leading the way in this space with the innovative HeloSat solution, which utilizes an open architecture design for integrating low SWaP antennas with the next-generation HM400, based on the award-winning HM200 software defined modem.

This new advancement in SATCOM technology integrates the Hughes HM400 airborne modem and two lightweight antennas mounted on top of the helicopter’s weapons platforms via an easy Roll-on/Roll-off installation. As a new lightweight capability— 50% lighter than previous systems— it can be adapted to any helicopter platform given its low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) properties, giving pilots more flexibility and uninterrupted transmission of full motion HD video over a full 360-degree range.

HeloSat Benefits:

  • Low cost, rapid deployment via roll-on/roll-off capability

  • Waveform enhancements to overcome interference from the rotor blades

  • Dual terminal architecture to deliver 360 degrees of in-flight connectivity

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Fixed Wing Platforms

Today there is a sharp rise in demand for new high throughput satellite connectivity solutions on fixed wing aircraft. Whether transmitting ISR data out to ground stations or receiving data into the aircraft to connect wireless devices, Hughes offers a variety of solutions to meet the evolving needs for in-flight data communications.

A rapidly growing requirement in airborne satcom - inflight connectivity for en-route communications. In the past, units being transported by flight had a gap in communications between the time they board the aircraft and the time they land. That gap is now shrinking thanks to rapid advancement in commercial innovation bringing high speed connectivity to airplanes.

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Introducing JUPITER Aero

Hughes offers cutting-edge solutions for inflight connectivity. The new JUPITER Aero solution offers the industry’s fastest in-flight Internet connectivity, capable of supporting speeds in excess of 400 Mbps to a single aircraft and operates on both Ka and Ku-band frequencies, making it the ideal solution for secure comms for air routes around the world.

The JUPITER Aero System incorporates the most advanced mobility features in the industry today, including Doppler correction, adaptive coding and modulation, and enhanced beam switching, allowing seamless handoffs between beams and from satellite to satellite—all managed by a single Network Management System (NMS). The system also includes a number of advanced features to improve the passenger experience, including onboard traffic management, Quality of Service (QoS), compression and acceleration.

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