Communications on the Move

Ready to Go Wherever the Mission Takes You

Adaptable SATCOM solutions from Hughes are ideal for net-centric airborne communications around the world, delivering video, voice, and high-speed data services to and from airborne platforms anywhere—including fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAV’s. Whether you need en-route connectivity in a transport aircraft or real-time sharing of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data, reliable communications systems are imperative in military and homeland defense communities today—making comms-on-the-move critical for operational success.

Hughes solutions are D0-160-certified and enable sophisticated, real-time IP applications such as airborne ISR, including streaming live video links back to ground stations at multi-megabit data rates. Virtually any airborne platform can be supported, as Hughes works with vetted third-party antenna manufacturers to provide mission-tailored solutions that may require different qualified antenna sizes with a variety of mounting options.

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Missions in harsh environments that cross tough terrain demand highly secure and reliable communications. Our ruggedized hardware is built to military specifications so they can withstand the variables of environmental challenges for global operations.

Hughes COTM solutions enable joint military communications and ensure that ground-based troops remain connected whether they are stationed at a military base or deployed in an area of operations. Built to withstand harsh environments, Hughes rugged COTM solutions have undergone rigorous military testing and deliver rapid recovery for consistent connectivity that are critical in military applications.

Leveraging our HM200 software defined modem for COTM and open architecture system, military vehicles can choose from a variety of low-SWaP antennas to keep passengers connected with critical situational awareness that enables safer and more efficient operations. The HM200 is Mil-spec compliant and offers waveform enhancement for highly resilient communications.

Highly secure and FIPS 140-2 compliant, Hughes solutions can provide beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications even in mountainous terrain or urban landscapes typical of today's conflict zones.


Military missions at sea require rugged and reliable communications solutions that can withstand any environment.

Hughes maritime communication solutions are designed to withstand the harsh environments of ships and vessels. Whether ship-bound or on expeditionary missions, sailors and special operations forces traveling on the seas need continuous connectivity with command and control centers to successfully complete their missions. Hughes comms-on-the-move, maritime solutions enable those aboard vessels to maintain high-quality connectivity with command centers—no matter how harsh the environment.

Our open-architectured HM System gives users the flexibility to build a network that delivers capabilities to meet any mission requirements. Using the ruggedized HM200 modem, users can select from a range of qualified antennas to meet specific needs for any mission or application. The HM200 is Mil-spec compliant and offers waveform enhancements for more resilient communications.

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