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The Federal Agency's Guide to
Network Transformation

More applications. More devices. More demands on government. For federal agencies, this is the Era of More. Fortunately, there's a network ready to support more. More bandwidth. More cost savings. A more responsive government, at every site and every location. Read the white paper and find out how SD-WAN can transform your agency.

The State Government’s Guide to Network Transformation

State and local IT leaders face a daunting challenge: operating on legacy networks in an era of rapidly changing digital demands. These IT teams wishing to modernize and meet the network demands of today and tomorrow would be wise to find similar advantages to private distributed enterprise and implement Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).


Make the Journey from MPLS to SD-WAN

MPLS networks are expensive and not at all agile. They are not designed to handle the WAN traffic associated with today’s agency. The MPLS hub-and-spoke design that pushes all of the data through the data center fails to provide resilient cloud connectivity. With the advent of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), there are great advantages to moving to IP-based broadband connectivity. Modernize your agency network and transform your service delivery to meet the needs of your digital constituency.

Smarter Networks using AI and ML


Using data gathered from the cloud, millions of devices and the Internet machine learning (ML) models are applied by artificial intelligence (AI) to network management tasks. This transformation optimizes network-delivered services and technologies. Using ML and AI makes your network smarter.

Artificial Intelligence

The Benefit of HughesON Managed Network Services


It’s difficult to provide constituent services without the cloud. Using the cloud requires an increased level of network security, reliability, and flexibility. There’s also the need to stay on top of the latest technologies, software updates, and security practices. Managed Network Services from Hughes give you the advantage of experience and scale. As a leader in SD-WAN, you can trust Hughes to deliver a tailored solution for your agency.

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