HR4700 Branch Gateway

Delivers best-in-class, enterprise-grade security and routing, with innovative technology in one unified platform.

High Performance. Strong Security. All in a Single Device.

Designed for the unique needs of the distributed enterprise, the Branch Gateway delivers advanced threat protection, including next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN, and Web filtering. Along with robust security, the device transforms “best-effort” broadband solutions into enterprise-grade WANs, delivering powerful Quality of Service (QoS) and superior application performance through advanced compression.

The Device That Has It All

Traditionally, enterprises have deployed firewalls with enhanced security features along with independent WAN optimization platforms at their branch locations. Hughes has combined security, routing, and optimization into one easy-to-manage-and-deploy device that offers dramatic cost savings over separate box solutions.

Secured by Fortinet®

The HR4700 Branch Gateway runs on Fortinet’s FortiOS, incorporating a powerful operating system and industry leading security capabilities. This gives Hughes the ability to configure next-generation firewalls, including data leak prevention, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion prevention that are centrally managed from the Hughes data center.

Security and High Performance

The HR4700 supports higher throughput speeds without compromising on security functions. As a result, branch locations operate at high capacity while also protected by next generation firewall capabilities.

High Application Performance with QoS and Compression

Hughes has integrated its innovative Hughes ActiveQoS™ technology into the HR4700, providing true end-to-end QoS over cost-effective broadband networks, such as DSL and cable. Operating in tandem with Hughes ActiveCompression™, which uniquely combines long-range and short-range compression algorithms for optimum compression gains, this enables the HR4700 Branch Gateway to deliver superior performance of your business-critical applications in the presence of other non-critical network traffic.