HM System

Ready to Go Wherever the Mission Takes You

Engineered based on software-definable modem (SDM) technology and Hughes enhanced scrambled code multiple access (SCMA) waveform, the HM System brings cost-effective and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) communications products and solutions ideal for government applications.

The HM System employs a commercially-based, open standards architecture and frequency band-agnostic platform that enables affordable, resilient solutions to meet a wide variety of mobility and portability requirements for government users. With the first gateway installed in September of 2015, the rapidly growing HM System can now provide global satellite-on-the-move for airborne, maritime and land-mobile platforms and on-the-pause capabilities for users in the field.

Suitable applications for the HM System include intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance (ISR), border patrol, search and rescue, disaster response, wildfire monitoring, oil platform communications, cellular backhaul and airborne BLOS communications for manned/unmanned, fixed and rotary wing platforms.

HM Products:

HM100 Modem

A universal rack-mounted hub that is transportable and offers high-throughput to support ground station SATCOM operations.

HM200 Modem

An award-winning mobile, ruggedized modem for any communications-on-the-move (COTM) platform, with real-time situational awareness and beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) capabilities. Target applications include land mobile, maritime, and airborne operations. The HM200 offers faster acquisition time, low SWaP requirements, carrier-in-carrier capabilities, MIL-SPEC connectors, internal power supply and separate data and M&C ports. It is also equipped to deliver the best data rates in the market for SATCOM through rotor blades.

HM400 Modem

The Hughes HM400 is the next-generation software-defined modem for satellite communications (SATCOM) on-the-move. Building off the success of the award-winning HM200, the HM400 leverages the unique Hughes Scrambled Code Multiple Access (SCMA) Waveform technology that enables efficient bandwidth use for smaller antennas. The HM400 can operate over multiple frequencies (L-, Ku-, Ka-, Mil Ka, and X-band) and provides the capability to host a large suite of standardized and commercial waveforms like DVB-S2X. The HM400 also provides the capability to access worldwide SATCOM services through existing VSAT and MobileSat service providers or customer-specific networks/gateways.

HM500 Terminal

The Hughes HM500 ManPack Terminal is a lightweight, multiband man-pack satellite terminal that provides forward-deployed teams a highly portable and secure communications solution. The self-contained terminal is transported in a compact case and includes integrated IP networking to reduce the need for transporting additional baseband equipment.The HM500 is designed with a simplified assembly and interface making it an ideal solution for rapid and reliable high throughput communications requirements.