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Digital Signage Solutions

Hughes Digital Bulletin Board Services consist of an end-to-end solution enabling controlled distribution and display of video and text program content at individual sites equipped with the appropriate content storage and display equipment.

The system enables the remote sites to display both headquarter-specific content and local site-specific content. The content will be uploaded by and distributed to all sites by the customer. The site-specific content will be provided by the individual site personnel and will be input by the content owner or their designee via a Web interface designed for their direct use. A provision will be made to enable the customer to review and approve any site-provided content prior to display of such content.

Each remote site will be equipped with a digital media player (the “Equipment”) that will automatically receive content directed to it and will automatically play the content continuously. The customer is responsible for providing the flat screen TV. However, at the customer’s request, Hughes will provide and install the TV on a per-quote basis. The Hughes-provided media player will incorporate a Digital Bulletin Board software client that will enable a TV screen to display a combination of the following:

• Video content
• Static images
• Scrolling texts
• RSS feeds

The Digital Bulletin Board Service assumes that a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection to the property is already in place to provide connectivity to the digital media player to receive its content by way of the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC). If the WAN is not provided by Hughes, the Customer is responsible for providing the connectivity to the Hughes NOC.

Hughes offers various types of Digital Bulletin Board solutions including customization based on Government Agency requirements.

• Hosted Digital Bulletin Board 
• Non-Hosted Digital Bulletin Board 
• Touch Screen Digital Bulletin Board

Hughes Learning Management System

Hughes Learning Portal is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is owned, developed, and maintained by Hughes. The Hughes Learning Portal is a fully hosted LMS that will not require IT resources from the government agency.

Hughes Learning Portal is an easy-to-use eLearning solution that delivers and tracks training for employees, partners, and agencies. The simple interface makes it easy to store, manage, deliver and track training and communication, such as new employee orientation, certification, product training, etc., so the Agency can achieve a quick and measurable return on investment. It is ideal for small and medium agencies, as well as departments within large agencies. Unlike other LMS, Hughes Learning Portal offers easy training delivery and full reporting capabilities at a great value – around $1/user/month – backed by Hughes, a proven technology company you can rely on to support your training program for years to come.

Hughes Learning Portal is available in two different pricing models. The Data Transfer model provides unlimited users with the ability to purchase additional per-month data transfer separately. Buyers of this model typically have over 500 users, but only expect a small percentage of those users to access the Learning Portal each month, so their data transfer needs are low.

Per User model provides unlimited data transfer with the ability to purchase additional users separately. Buyers of this model typically have less than 500 users but expect a high percentage of those users to access the Learning Portal each month, so their data transfer needs are high.

WiFi Services

Hughes WiFi Services offer a complete portfolio of managed WiFi services designed to address enterprise wireless needs. These WiFi offerings include the following:

• Enterprise WiFi: Typically used for applications such as inventory management or customer assistance, Enterprise WiFi services provide a secure, private enterprise connection to run corporate applications over a wireless connection at a site.
• Guest WiFi: Enables the customer to leverage existing private network connectivity to support public WiFi access for consumer users at a site. 
• Rogue Detection: One or more wireless scanning devices used to detect rogue devices. In the event a rogue device is detected, Hughes may either automatically notify the customer or dispatch onsite field resources to remove rogue device.

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Reference DIR contract number DIR-TSO-3364 on your purchase order.

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