9-1-1 Network Resiliency

Disasters are bound to happen. From earthquakes to wildfires or floods, they can happen anytime and anywhere. And when they do, all terrestrial-based communications infrastructure is vulnerable, including 9-1-1 emergency response and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) networks. Thus, it is imperative that they be designed with high availability, diverse technology paths to ensure that citizens are still able to connect with emergency operators to reach emergency services like police, fire fighters, and EMTs.

True technology diversity calls for employing satellite broadband connectivity as a fail-safe backup to terrestrial networks—whether fiber, cable, DSL, or wireless; all are at risk when disaster strikes. By incorporating satellite into the 9-1-1 and PSAP architecture, network administrators can ensure the highest levels of resiliency to handle the escalated call volumes in the face of a major emergency situation.

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