Hughes CampusVision

CampusVision is customized digital signage that shares information across campus in a way that is natural to today's students

Information where you need it


CampusVision allows you to create customizable digital information boards for your campus.  You can choose from a variety of integrations and templates to create the most helpful source of information wherever it may be located.  This solution works on any television, so it can be easily implemented on screens already in place.

Information for everyone

Students | Visitors  | Faculty | Athletes


With its complete customization capabilities, you can build helpful information boards for any audience around campus.  Whether it be common areas, hallways, food courts, locker rooms, or administration buildings, CampusVision provides the information they need - when they need it.  

Complete customization


Customizable templates fit your brand and help you share the most useful and relevant information on any television screen.  

You can display live broadcasts, announcements, campus news, sports scores, emergency notifications, event highlights, social media posts, and much more.  

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