Start Your Agency on the Journey from MPLS to SD-WAN

Don’t let costly, outdated, and inefficient technologies stand in the way
of what’s possible for your agency.


Network Modernization

Private networks that utilize Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) have served the government for the last 25 years, but this technology has run its course. A traditional T1 line, with 1.5 Mbps service is insufficient for today’s applications and a large number of users and devices. The cost-to-benefit ratio is out of alignment, especially in rural areas.  Using broadband has shown cost savings of 60% to 70%. New services like 3, 5, and 10 Mbps Ethernet are still much higher than other IP-based broadband options. And don’t forget MPLS is inefficient in connecting to cloud services. 

Broadband will bring Network Nirvana

MPLS networks are expensive and not at all agile. They are not designed to handle the WAN traffic associated with today’s agency. The MPLS hub-and-spoke design that pushes all of the data through the data center fails to provide resilient cloud connectivity. With the advent of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), there are great advantages to moving to IP-based broadband connectivity. Modernize your agency network and transform your service delivery to meet the needs of your digital constituency.


Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Broadband cost savings over legacy lines

  • Remove bandwidth limitations

  • Prepare for a hybrid cloud architecture

  • Pick the best WAN transport for each location

  • Implement auto-configurations and self-healing intelligence

Forward-thinking agencies are turning to broadband with SD-WAN to meet surging demands on the network.