Satellite Solutions


Hughes Telehealth Solutions power healthcare
delivery and quality—no matter where patients
are located.

Today’s broadband technology is making it possible for medical professionals to deliver expert healthcare to patients – even if they are hundreds of miles apart. It’s well understood that telehealth is readily possible in urban settings, where terrestrial broadband connectivity choices are available, such as cable, DSL, and fiber. But according to recent FCC data, millions of U.S. households in rural and even ex-urban areas are either unserved or underserved by terrestrial broadband. These residents often do not realize that satellite broadband is affordable and available to support wide-scale telehealth.

Telehealth Opens the Door to Better Healthcare

Bridging the best available broadband technologies, Hughes Telehealth Solutions leverage an integrated satellite, landline, and wireless network to deliver complete broadband connectivity—across cities, regions or the country, even in locations where DSL and cable cannot reach. Hughes ensures uniformly high-quality and secure services, enabling healthcare agencies to streamline administrative processes and lower costs. Healthcare agencies benefit not only from the most efficient broadband technology for each location, but also from gaining a future-proof network with the flexibility to increase bandwidth as needed.

Bridging the Gap between Patient and Medical Professional

Hughes offers a portfolio of turnkey broadband solutions over multiple platforms that enable capabilities such as medical videoconferencing, prescription dispensing, transferring of electronic medical records, viewing of digital images and digital messaging, as well as voice calls. Rollaway medical kits (provided separately) bring professional capabilities directly to housebound patients as well as those in remote areas. Plus, streamlined billing and reimbursement process means personnel can dedicate more time to patient care.

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