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Faster, more secure WiFi.

Wi-Fi technology can help you keep your workforce and constituents better connected than ever before. But there are risks—especially if you try to go it alone. How will you manage the costs and complexity? How can you keep your network secure and compliant while you make sure to provide a positive user experience?

Using the same intelligent Hughes optimization technologies that power enterprise WAN solutions — including ActiveQoS™ and ActiveCompression™ — HughesON™ Managed Wi-Fi Solutions let you enjoy faster guest Wi-Fi and wide-area networking in a single, highly secure, managed solution. Critical applications get end-to-end priority over less critical applications. And Hughes recognizes that an important element to adding Wi-Fi to an existing network is to continue to ensure PCI compliance.

  • Hughes Guest Wi-Fi – Amenities-based for a more powerful visitor experience. Leverages private network connectivity to safely support public Wi-Fi access or to deploy individual networks to separate guest Wi-Fi traffic from agency applications – all to increase communications capabilities securely and strategically.
  • Hughes Enterprise Wi-Fi – Empower employees with mobility. A secure, private Wi-Fi solution which delivers enterprise-grade wireless connectivity for employees on the go.

Portfolio of Services

HughesON Managed Wi-Fi offers a complete portfolio of services: Guest Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi, and PCI Rogue Wireless Detection, with these features:

  • Welcome page – Redirects Guest Wi-Fi users to a screen with welcome and Terms and Conditions information, which is also ideal for agency information
  • Access control – Separates guest traffic from internal government traffic, protecting private data
  • Quality of service (QoS) prioritization – Prioritizes bandwidth-intensive applications like VoIP while also giving network access to lower-priority users and applications
  • Turnkey service and maintenance – Provides comprehensive end-to-end support, with 24/7 centralized monitoring and responsive onsite service

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