Managed Network Solutions

Secure Your Network

High performance protection for your network,
your data, and your agency.

Cyber threats are growing exponentially and becoming more and more sophisticated. The stakes are high for your agency and your constituents. HughesON™ Managed Security helps protect your network, your data, and your mission and secures your agency in vital ways—from centralizing control of your agency network as it evolves to extend security infrastructure to protect your data.

HughesON Managed Security Solutions are tiered, with each level building upon the previous one.

  • Standard Security – Provides the underlying networking infrastructure to become PCI-compliant, including next-generation firewall capabilities, VLANs, split-tunneling, and VPN.
  • Standard Security with Content Filtering – This option adds category-based Content Filtering to Hughes Standard Security, to designate non-work-related websites as off-limits while still providing access to sites required to run the business.
  • Enhanced Security – Adds Intrusion Detection, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Malware protection to Hughes Standard Security with Content Filtering. These services, combined with Automated Security Reports, enable robust security monitoring.

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