Cutting-edge, cost-effective broadband
solutions for state/local governments.

State and local governments are responsible for a host of services from transportation and public safety to education and emergency response—all within tight budget constraints. To accomplish their many missions, state and local government agencies require reliable, secure and cost-effective broadband communications.

Serve, Engage, Streamline, Connect

HughesON™ is a cost-effective, comprehensive suite of managed network solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the distributed agency and to deliver secure, reliable, high speed broadband connectivity to all of its sites, wherever they are located. From high-capacity access to high-availability networks, from digital signage to employee communications and training, from managed security to managed WiFi, HughesON enables you to cost-effectively serve your constituents, engage your employees, and streamline your operations.

And Hughes advanced satellite solutions can be used as a primary broadband network or as a backup to complement landline networks—or both. By offering true alternate communications paths, Hughes helps agencies meet their missions and maintain continuity of operations (COOP) even in the event of a disaster.

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