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Hughes Internet Access Solutions for Government - EchoStar® XVII

Th Broadband Services Your Agency Needs

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Does your agency need broadband but there is no suitable terrestrial service available? Then HughesNet Gen4 Internet Access Solutions are for you! Available nationwide, Hughes delivers reliable, high- speed connectivity for instant access to the critical information you need—without DSL, cable, or expensive T1 lines.

Speeds up to 15 Mbps

At speeds up to 15 Mbps, HughesNet Gen4 Solutions satisfy the growing need of agencies of all sizes to support even the most bandwidth-intensive applications, and to connect all workers—no matter where they are located.

Most Advanced Network of Satellites

Setting a new standard of excellence in satellite Internet, HughesNet Gen4 is built on the industry’s most advanced network of high-capacity satellites and on-the-ground equipment, including the new EchoStar® XVII satellite with JUPITERTM high-throughput technology, and SPACEWAY® 3, the world’s first satellite with onboard switching and routing.

Fully backed by a comprehensive 24/7 customer support system, Hughes ensures highly secure and reliable broadband connectivity around the clock—so your staff can make the most of their work day. And since it’s broadband over satellite—not over dial-up—your employees can work online without tying up the phone or fax line.

Easy Installation

Hughes utilizes its proven, two-way satellite technology to connect your agency to the Internet. A certified installer will connect a high-performance Hughes satellite modem to a computer or LAN at the specified location and to an external, compact dish, typically installed on the building. It only takes a short time to install, and the full power of broadband Internet access will be available for email, file transmittals, Web browsing, and point-of-sale transactions.

One Location or Many

Built for government offices like yours, there are three HughesNet Gen4 service plans to choose from, depending upon your needs. Whether for one or many field office locations—Hughes has a solution that is right for you.

Helping Government Serve its Citizens

The Hughes Government Solutions Group is dedicated to supplying the right solutions to address unique government requirements. Hughes has a track record of delivering high-performance network solutions to help government agencies perform more efficiently and cost-effectively.

From distance learning when and where it’s needed, to telework connectivity for field offices and remote sites, to emergency preparedness and response, government agencies can count on Hughes to deliver the highest standard of communications solutions to support the many missions of government.

Description Business 50 Business 200 Business 300 Business 400
Monthly Fee (24-month term) $69.99/month $79.99/month $99.99/month $149.99/month
Max. Download Speed1 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 10 Mbps 15 Mbps
Max. UploadSpeed1 1 Mbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 2 Mbps
Monthly Anytime Download Allowance2 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
Monthly Rollover – Unused anytime allocation into next billing cycle. up to 5 GB up to 10 GB up to 10 GB up to 20 GB
Equipment HT1000 Terminal,
.74 Antenna
1-Watt Radio
HT1000 Terminal,
.74 Antenna
1-Watt Radio
HT1000 Terminal,
.74 Antenna
1-Watt Radio
HT1000 Terminal,
.74 Antenna
1-Watt Radio
Express Repair Premium (12-month term) Included Included Included Included

Equipment and Installation3—Two Payment Options
  Upfront Monthly
Lease (24-month Lease)3 $99 activation $14.99/month
Purchase (2-year term)3 $499.99 N/A

Service Assurance—12-month Service Assurance Included
Onsite Repair $29.95/incident, in addition to monthly fee
Retail Value $11.95/month

Step-Up Package for complementary 12-month Service Assurance
Enterprise Onsite Maintenance – Next Business Day $10/month for first 12 months (No per incident charge)
Retail Value $19.99/month

Maintenace Package Options
Next Business Day 8am-5pm $19.95/month
Next Calendar Day 8am-5pm $22.75/month
Same Day 12x7 $25.75/month
Same Day 24x7 $27.75/month

HughesNet Gen4 Business Internet Plans available only through the EchoStar XVII satellite. Certain geographical areas are not covered by this satellite. Speeds up to 15 Mbps available with the Business 400 plan only.

1Stated speeds not guaranteed. Actual upload speed will likely be lower than speed indicated during peak hours. Download speeds may be temporarily slowed in cases when system usage exceeds the download allowance for an extended period of time. See the HughesNet Fair Access Policy for more information at legal.HughesNet.com.

2 To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet Gen4 subscribers, Hughes assigns a monthly Data Allowance to each service plan of the amount of data that may be downloaded or uploaded within a billing cycle. Visit legal.HughesNet.com to learn more.

3Displayed Lease and Purchase pricing includes professional installation and a 24-month service term. See legal.HughesNet.com for details.

Note: Purchase is via credit card. This card is also used for maintenance charges for year two.

Save $200* after mail-in rebate. Offer ends 8/31/14.

**$200 mail-in rebate applies to new subscribers of HughesNet Business Internet service. HughesNet equipment and service must be purchased or leased between 7/1/2014 and 8/31/14 and must remain active for a minimum of 31 days to qualify for the rebate. Rebate submissions must be received by 11/30/14. Other restrictions may apply. Visit rebate.HughesNet.com for details.