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Hughes Digital Media Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

Rapid, coordinated communications are critical in law enforcement.

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But with multiple audiences, including a mobile workforce, a correctional division, and the public, law enforcement departments must deal with disseminating an enormous amount of information. That’s why they are turning to Hughes Digital Media Solutions to help manage their communications.

Hughes Digital Media Solutions deliver dynamic, content-rich audio and video, replacing print media with modern digital display panels. Law enforcement agencies can present key information such as department-wide news, command updates, training, and public announcements with high impact, media-rich presentations.

Digital Briefing Board

With a digital bulletin board, departments can keep staff informed and current with the latest information.

  • Distribute up-to-the-minute command updates to all locations

  • Relay departmental news, announcements, and event information

  • Distribute instantaneous alerts to all locations from anywhere in the country

  • Manage all digital briefing boards from one location

Inmate Communications

Ideal for education-based incarceration programs, jails and prisons can employ Hughes Digital Media Solutions to deliver education and entertainment keeping inmates busy and engaged.

  • Provide announcements, instructions, and entertainment in housing and high-traffic areas

  • Conduct educational, vocational, and life-skills training programs

  • Use entertainment-rich media via a private television network

  • Provide information in multiple languages for non-English speaking inmates

Employee Training Made Easy

The on-demand training capability enables law enforcement agencies to provide training when and where it’s needed.

  • Deliver high-impact training to officers and other employees

  • Offer live learning modules that can be archived for later review

  • Enable mobile staffers to access online training—on-demand when it works for them

Communications to the Public

Hughes Digital Media Solutions provide an effective medium to make public announcements and communicate important information.

  • Issue alerts

  • Publish announcements

  • Provide instructions to citizens in public areas such as lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms

Making It Easy

Hughes takes a comprehensive approach to digital media—from project design and consulting, to content creation and management, to best-of-breed software, hardware, and the managed network services to connect it all together. Plus, every Hughes Digital Media Solution includes installation, maintenance, and customer support. No matter how they use it, law enforcement agencies can be confident they are sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Helping Government Serve its Citizens

The Hughes Government Solutions Group is dedicated to supplying solutions to address unique government applications. Hughes has a track record of delivering high-performance network solutions to help government agencies perform more efficiently and costeffectively. From distance learning solutions for training when and where it’s needed, to telework connectivity for field offices and remote sites, to emergency communications solutions for emergency preparedness and response, you can count on Hughes to deliver the most advanced technologies and highest standard of communications solutions to support the many missions of government.

Easy and Convenient Purchasing

Hughes makes it easy to order through a variety of contract vehicles for all levels of government, including the GSA Schedule, GSA SATCOM II, GSA Networx, and contracts with a number of states across the country.