Operational Challenge

Emergency Preparedness

Get mission-critical applications back online—fast.

If you rely solely on a single pipe terrestrial network to your agency locations, your agency is at risk for being knocked offline. No phones. No Internet. No way to get back up and running and serve the public. Disasters across the globe—from earthquakes, to hurricanes, to terrorist attacks—serve as reminders of terrestrial network vulnerabilities.

Stay Connected Even in an Emergency

When disaster strikes, you can rely on Hughes Emergency Response Solutions—powered by advanced broadband satellite technology—to get your mission-critical applications back online in fractions of a second! Satellite connectivity is the critical infrastructure component necessary to maintain government network operations when an emergency strikes. It provides true networking path diversity, and hence the highest network availability, achieved by employing alternate technologies and independent physical routing, which is inherent in the deployment of satellite services.

Prepare for Fast Response and Recovery

If your agency handles community-based emergency response and recovery efforts, Hughes enables you to plan ahead—before an emergency occurs—so you can be poised to quickly mobilize and manage your efforts. Hughes also provides vehicle-mount terminals and flyaway kits that set up easily with a mobile, self-pointing antenna system for instant, high-speed broadband satellite connectivity—even in the most remote locations.

Integrated, Custom COOP Solutions

Hughes also develops customized turnkey broadband systems, products, and managed services to meet the most demanding continuity of operations (COOP) requirements. Be it in response to network congestion or a damaged cable, Hughes COOP solutions enable your network to operate at peak efficiency regardless of the environment or situation.

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