Operational Challenge

Crisis Management

The perfect plan in a pinch.

In spite of proper planning, unforeseen events and circumstances can hamper an agency’s network operations and its effectiveness. If your agency has experienced a crisis that knocked your network offline, turn to Hughes Emergency Response Solutions. Our nationwide broadband service and Internet Access plans can be deployed in just 24 to 48 hours, so you can quickly have your network up and running again. Our Hughes Inter-Government Crisis Network can also address a comprehensive range of emergency needs, providing highly reliable and resilient communications for decision-makers who need to work together across national, regional, and local agencies.

Support for Fast Response and Recovery

And if your agency handles community-based emergency response and recovery efforts, Hughes Solutions can enable you to swiftly mobilize and manage those efforts. Hughes also provides vehicle-mount terminals and flyaway kits that set up easily with a mobile, self-pointing antenna system for instant, high-speed broadband satellite connectivity—even in the most remote locations.

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