Operational Challenge

Controlling Costs

Increase bandwidth, reduce costs with HughesON™
Managed Network Solutions.

Hughes solutions leverage wireline, wireless, and satellite technologies to deliver secure, reliable broadband connectivity to all of your agency's locations, no matter how remote they may be. Whether a few circuits or a robust private network, Hughes offers scalable bandwidth to meet any need. And not only do you benefit from increased bandwidth, it’s also less costly than T1 or Ethernet.

Affordable, Flexible Broadband

Hughes Managed Broadband features an active/active architecture for fast recovery. It distributes the user base over multiple independent and geographically-distributed processing nodes. In the event of a failure, users of that node are switched to one or more surviving nodes in the application network. This switchover happens in fractions of a second—so fast, users are not able to detect that a failure has even occurred.

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